Impossible Level Game v1.8

Requirements: Android
Overview: Warning: HIGHLY ANNOYING, don’t smash your phone! Called “Impossible Level Game” for a reason!

Mind-boggling game for Android. Challenge your brain in 42 annoying levels, where each level is a riddle in itself. If you get stuck, relax, breathe out the stress and try again with a fresh attitude! To spice things up, test yourself also in the time-attack mode.
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Praise for Impossible Level Game:

“The developers have a seriously twisted mind, and I love it. No two levels are the same, or even close to the same, and some of them are pretty damn ridiculous, which makes for some great head-scratching gameplay.” –

“game that tests how much of a smartarse you are. …reaches parts of your brain other Android games just don’t reach” –

“This is one of the most difficult and brain puzzling apps out on the market today. … Most of the levels will completely blow your mind . … You have to think outside the box for most of these.” –

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